Thursday, March 01, 2007

In the words of Bonnie Tyler....

Do you ever feel like you need a hero? I have been feeling rather hopeless in the past few years about the state of humanity. People just don't seem to care any more and I wonder what this world is coming to.

Then, along came Hula Doula. My new hero! She stepped in and saved five little boys when their mother was obviously teetering on, and rapidly plunging off of, the edge. I'm not sure that I would ever be courageous enough to take the action that Hula did to ensure the safety of these boys. She is an angel here on Earth. I'm certain that I can find five little boys who would totally agree with me.

And so, I am proud to award Hula Doula the Perfect Post award for February. You inspire me to make myself a better human being. **smooches**

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