Monday, February 26, 2007

I don't even want to contemplate the alternative...

::boys playing with dinosaurs::

"....and then the t-rex goes "gggrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I gonna eat you!"

and the little one runs away

and then.....(more dino-story plotline)

....and then this is ass-poison!"

Mommy: ::looking up from her People magazine:: Whaaaa? What did you just say?! what poison?

Bear: Ass-poison!

Mommy: "Ass-poison?" What are you talking about?

Bear: Ass. Poison. See this is an asteroid and it has poison in it. So, it's ass-poison! And it kills the t-rex when it crashes into the Earth! Cool huh?

Mommy: ::sighing with relief:: Yes, very cool. Carry on.

*Mrs. Kindergarten is going to LOVE this.*

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