Friday, December 14, 2007

I think Blogthings hates me

Okay, tell me if this sounds familiar. You are perusing blogs even though you are so very, very sleepy and you KNOW that you must go to bed. You tell yourself that you will just check one more because, really, you haven't been over there in ages and after all, she left you the nicest comment the other day so you really should at least pop in and say 'hi.' (also, you must watch those run-on sentences. HONESTLY)

So you pop over to that one last blog and lo and behold! There are the results of a quiz! How weird are you?" That sounds funny! I wonder how weird I am. I'll just take that quiz and see. HA! I'm 43% weird! Heh.

Oh, look! I wonder if I could pass Eighth Grade Geography. YEAH BABY! I totally ROCK eighth grade geography!

Oooooh! Seventh grade science? I RULE. I am so smart!

Hmmmm. What color IS my aura? Pink? I don't think so. I should take that again.

But WAIT! What Muppet am I? The Swedish Chef? Heh. I love him!

What kind of kisser am I? Well, that doesn't even make sense. *yawn*

What shade of blue am I?..... Azure? Oh, that is SO accurate.

I really should go to bed.

Right after I find out my porn star name. Oh, now, I don't care who you are, THAT is funny.

How orange am I? As long as I'm not burnt orange it's fine really. ::rubbing eyes:: DAMN.

::stretching back:: Okay. Just one more, then I'm going to bed.

Could I pass the US Citizenship test? Of course I could. See? With flying colors (red, white and blue, of course)!

What's my emotional IQ? Oh, I am good. So empathetic. (or pathetic....)

What kind of friend am I? *yawn* I am a wonderful friend. OF COURSE.

What Indy Band am I? I have never even heard of them. I'm so old.

All right. I am going to bed. ......

Right after I find out what shade of green I am.

WHAT? Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close. Sonofabitch.

Of course, perhaps this is God telling me to go to bed. Since it is 12:30.

I'm such a dork. But, it's not just me, right? RIGHT??!!??

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