Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The tubes come in & the tubes come out....

Tomorrow morning (okay....later this morning), my SugarBear goes to the Surgi-Center to have very minor surgery to have the tubes removed from his ears**. I know that it is no big deal. I know that he will most likely be fine and running around driving me crazy by noon. But there is still that little part of me that is panicking. THAT is the part that is keeping me awake. Even though I have to be up in less than six hours. To take him in to have this done. So I can sit in a lobby and wait and worry for the...oh, 20 minutes that it is probably going to take. Being a mommy is tough sometimes.

I will update as soon as I can. I suppose I should try to get some sleep now. TRY being the operative word here. Prayers are gladly accepted if you are so inclined....

**Yes, they should have fallen out by themselves by now. Two years after the trauma of putting them in....along with taking out his tonsils and adenoids. Maybe that is what has me freaked out. The tonsil & adenoids part was tough to recover from! But he'll be fine. Right?



We are home from the surgi-center. The pre-op took longer than the actual procedure. I'm pretty sure that the worst part for Bear was the atropine shot. He woke up all calm and mellow. He was drinking a Sprite when I got back there. Followed by two ice pops and some Lorna Doone cookies. He's thinking that this whole surgery thing worked out pretty well!

One tube was just lying in the ear canal. He has a patch on the other ear drum because the tube was still totally in there. So no water in the ear & no blowing his nose for a few weeks. I'm thinking maybe the height of allergy season AND one week before the water park opens wasn't the best timing on this. Oh well.

Now he is laying on the couch for a MythBusters marathon. He's a little pissy because he can't go out & ride his bike. I'm so mean. Must dash. Jamie & Adam are busting MacGyver myths. COOL!

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