Monday, October 27, 2008


SOCIALISM. "Spreading the wealth" - that's called SOCIALISM. That's what they want to bring us. Everything else just falls into place after that. Their version of "morality." They get to choose how you live, what you do....don't you people SEE THAT? Is that what you want?

And don't be fooled. There are rich people and poor people under socialism, too. Only the divide is much, much greater. And the chance of "anybody" being able to make it through hard work is just a joke. Look at Cuba. Look back at Russia. Look at China. There are/were very wealthy people there. They were the ruling class and they live(d) high on the hog. At the expense of everyone else in that country.

And you people want to CHOOSE THAT?

You are freely VOTING FOR THAT? It's insane, that's what it is. Before you vote in seven days, take a few minutes to look at "Spreading the wealth" and how well it has worked. Look up Karl Marx. East Germany. That little country that used to exist called the "Soviet Union." See how taking all incentives for excellence and hard work "improve" a nation. They don't. They lead to its downfall. We are better than that.

You want change? That's all you're going to have left if you make the wrong choice. The change in your pocket. About 37 cents. The rest of it is going to the government. If we aren't wiped off the planet first.

Don't do this to us. We are the greatest country in the history of the world. Don't blow it.

Sorry, I'm freaking out a little. Please excuse me. I realize this probably isn't even coherent. I should never post right after watching the news. Nothing to see here....move along folks....
UPDATE: Lizzi at The Bitten Word explains the whole tax cut/increase scam in her post What Obama's Tax Plan Means For You. It is fantastic & explains things much more clearly than I ever could.

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