Saturday, January 08, 2011

No, she's 168 months old....

Do you see that over there? ------>

In the sidebar, under profile? Did you notice the change? SugarPlum is now 14. FOURTEEN. Years. Old. It happened a few days ago. Nobody asked me if it was okay or anything. Just BAM....she wakes up Wednesday and suddenly, she is fourteen years old.

I mean I guess I saw the warning signs. She is a good three inches taller than me. She keeps stealing my shoes. When anyone folds laundry, they have to ask whose jeans those are, hers or mine (Which, can I say, is kind of awesome that I can wear the same size jeans as my teenage daughter? One of the few perks of the chaos that has been my life the past couple of years.). She has *ahem* curves and stuff. She has that eye rolling/heavy sigh thing down to a science.

But all-in-all, I think I hit the jackpot when it comes to teenagers. She likes me! Or at least she pretends to. But I think that she really does like me. She tells me that her friends think I'm hilarious - in a good way. She is so mature and responsible that it is almost scary. It's kind of a relief when she does do the heavy sigh/eye roll combo because it lets me know that she is a normal kid. And she is so unbelievably freaking smart. No, really. I could go into detail, but then I'd be obnoxiously braggy so we'll just leave it at that. And athletic - still playing soccer (she is such a kick-ass goal keeper!), basketball, volleyball, and track...and she has the muscles and body to prove it.

Her little brothers think she hung the moon. Bug told me recently that he LOVES it when SP babysits because it's fun and she makes cool stuff to eat and he likes how she puts them to bed. For real. She also makes up all these neat games for them that involve knights and dragons and all kinds of imagination. Plus, she snuggles them and reads to them and encourages them....

So much for not being obnoxiously braggy.

I guess that having a teenage daughter isn't so bad after all. But I know I'll pay for it with these boys. *sigh* Even though they are pretty awesome, too.

I love you SugarPlum!

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