Monday, January 03, 2011

I resolve....

Okay, I usually refuse to make New Years Resolutions. Things that seem like a good (or at least achievable) idea in early January, don't always turn out to be so fantastic a few months later. But here are a few (I think maybe) I can actually attain:

1. Get at least three more boxes unpacked before school lets out for the summer. (I just moved the second week of December) I think I may have actually unpacked SIX boxes now! (1/28)
2. Fold the clean laundry before the children outgrow it. Woo hoo!! The laundry was all folded and put away for about four hours last week. I make no promises for the future. (1/26)
3. Clean out my purse. Specifically all of those useless receipts. Okay, this WAS done. But more receipts have taken their place)
4. More pie. *sigh*
5. Make sure that plate cover thingy stays in the microwave.
6. Cordless phones ON THE CHARGERS at least three times a week.
7. Toss out all of the stupid return address labels with the old address on them. DONE! Yay!
8. Figure out what happened to all of the boys' socks. still a mystery...
9. Hang up that one jacket that keeps getting moved from chair to couch to ottoman to chair....
10. Take another nap. I have been very successful in this respect. YAY ME!

I think I can achieve at least 50% success. We'll see.

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