Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reinforcements are nigh!

In less than 24 hours, Gram and GrayGray will arrive in Candyland. There will be much rejoicing. For the last two and a half years, we lived only three hours from my parents. This means that my children saw their grandparents at the very least, once a month. Sometimes it was every weekend. Everyone was happy. Maybe not SugarDaddy so much, but he did enjoy the benefits of free babysitting and someone to take some of the load on the weekends.

Now we have been away from Texas for two months and everyone is going through withdrawal. I let the kids call the grandparents whenever they want, and talk as long as they want. We have always had that policy. Even when we lived in England, SugarPlum would call and talk forever to my Mom. She would take the phone out in the backyard, lay it down, climb on the swingset and say, "Look Gram!" They had all these little games that they would play on the phone. They would sing. In rounds.

Now the boys are getting in on the phone fun. SugarBear will get on with my dad and say, "Gray Gray, what stinks?" and then laugh hysterically. Then he will answer his own question, "Dog poop! Bug's diaper!!" Good times.

So, they will be here tomorrow and the SugarBabies can hardly contain their excitement. "Gray is going to the pool with us. Then we'll go fishing. And feed the ducks. And go to Friendly's to get ice cream. He's gonna like Friendly's. Then we'll go to the park and do the slides. And the next day..." It's going to be a long week for Gray Gray.

And Gram may well be stuck in the kitchen the whole time. "Gram is gonna make me french toast. And those good biscuits. And pasketti. And I'm gonna help!"

My only hope is that Gram and/or GrayGray will get up with the kids. Not likely though. I came by my Night Owl Syndrome quite honestly.

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