Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The post where she rambles on & on and says something about her birthday, we think **updated**

I had to get up ungodly early today for a 7:30 Dr appt so that I could get a refill on my happy pills. I am NOT a morning person, so it was questionable as to whether I would make it on time. But, my "not be so bitchy pills" were at stake, so my beleaguered husband made sure that I would be there! SD woke me up at 6:30 and I was very good & got right up, got dressed and came downstairs for a cup of tea. I had on no make-up, because I couldn't open my eyes enough to get mascara on. I left a little before 7:00 because this is the first time I have driven out to base by myself. Pathetic, no?

I actually got there quickly and without getting lost even once which , if you know me at all, is quite a feat. Normally, if there is a choice, I will always turn the wrong way. Just FYI, the Honda Odyssey has a crappy turn radius and u-turns are highly discouraged. I digress. I got checked in at the clinic which I found in spite of the "helpful" directions of the girl on the phone.

Me: I just got to this base, so can you tell me where this clinic is located?

Girl: Well, you know where the pharmacy used to be?

Me: No, you dingbat, remember 8 seconds ago when I told you that I just got here? (on the inside)

Me: (actual polite response) No, I can't say that I do....

Back to the actual story: I got checked in a few minutes early and do you know what happened? Contrary to Air Force hospital policy, I was actually seen ON TIME by my "provider." He wasn't actually a doctor, and he looked to be about 14 years old. I think he was volunteering there to get his Eagle Scout or something. The uniform with lieutenant bars was just a cover. Honestly though, he was thorough without being too tedious. I got my antidepressants AND he upped the dosage on my migraine medicine. So actually, Doogie is my hero today. "Happy Birthday SugarMommy, here are some better drugs." That's really all I wanted. Well, that and for someone to give me some kiddie valium so that my kids will calm the hell down when I need them to.

Then I got back home and SugarBug said, "Mommy, it's your Happy Dorstday??" Which made me smile, because he is the only one left with cute little mispronunciations. And then the other kids came in & I got birthday hugs and kisses. So, all in all, 35 hasn't started too badly. But, then again, it's early and so much can go wrong. My glass, half full? We'll see.

**update** Have you met my wonderful friend Sleeping Mommy?? Of course you have, because she sent most of you here! Thank you so much, Ammie! And thank you all for you lovely birthday greetings. Glass half full? Folks, it is overflowing!!

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