Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SugarBear Goes to the Hostpital

8:15~ They just took Bear back to do the surgery. He took some Versed about ten minutes before they took him and he was a little loopy. He didn’t say much. Just looked around with this “Duuuuude!” look on his face. We asked him is he felt like Alex the Lion from Madagascar.

All got a pretty good night’s sleep, surprisingly enough. Bug woke us up about ten minutes before I planned to get up. (How does he do that??) So, I got up, made myself some oatmeal and a cup of tea so that I didn’t have to eat in front of him. That would have been mean, you know?

The first thing Bear said when I woke him was, "I can't have any water??" Then he tried to talk me into letting him have some yogurt. His reasoning was, it's not water!

We got to the hospital on time (miracle of miracles!!) and got checked in quickly. The other little boy in the room was watching The Tigger Movie which was cool with Bear. We found out that Bear is second in line for surgery, just behind this little boy in our room. That boy is just getting tubes in his ears, so his procedure shouldn’t take long.

The hospital staff have each asked me the same set of questions about a thousand times. I know why they do this – to make sure everything is right – but it gets old fast. I feel like wearing a sign around my neck with all of the information on it.

Goob and CMHL reminded me to ask for some “anti-pukey” drugs to be administered before he wakes up. Hopefully, they will help. I can’t imagine throwing up after having surgery on my throat. Even the thought of it is painful!! ::shudders::

So I am sitting here in the waiting room now, alternating between playing on my laptop and reading Jen’s book, Bitter is the New Black. It is fantastic so far. Wickedly funny. A very good distraction for a fweaked out mommy!

There is a lady here in the waiting room who feels the need to give us her life history. All the surgeries she has had, her husband has had and, as a bonus, all the details of her son’s suicide attempt. I’m trying to look busy and avoid eye contact. I understand that she is nervous and needs to talk, but I don’t feel like playing therapist this morning.

9:00~ The doctor came and told us that everything went really well. He could tell that Bear's tonsils had suffered through many infections. I’m glad we did this. I had strep soooo many times when I was little. I don’t want him to have to suffer like I did. Hopefully this will help. Strep is something that you just don't outgrow!

And his ears are good as well. He had been having such trouble hearing. And he's only ever had maybe three ear infections in his life. I'm really praying that this will help his hearing.

9:10~ This woman will not shut up!! And now she has several other people in the waiting area all keyed up and they are over-sharing as well. I just keep trying to look busy.

9:15~ Finally I can go back and see my Bear. And boy is he pissed! He also sounds really croupy which is concerning me. His pulse/ox is about 94 at first. So we wait and listen. The nurse actually encourages me to climb into bed with him and hold him so that he will feel safe and calm down easier. I have to sing to him, but finally he starts to calm down. Poor little guy. He woke up feeling weirder that he has ever felt and Mommy wasn’t there. Of course he was pissed off and crying!

His pulse/ox keeps falling and he still sounds a little croupy, so Bear gets a breathing treatment. That seemed to help. He woke up some. But he is still pretty spacey. He said he wanted a popsicle, but he just sits there holding it.

10:00~ Bear gets moved back to his room. We watch The Tigger Movie again. He eats a couple of things of Jell-O, two popsicles and drinks plenty of water and apple juice. He starts to perk up some, but he still wants Mommy to hold him. I even got to ride on the bed with him as they moved him!! Wheee!!

11:30~ SD comes back from checking on Bug and brings me lunch. We are now watching The Rescuers. I remember seeing it at the theater when I was a kid. I had forgotten that Bob Newhart was Bernard!! Okay, so really Bear is watching the movie and I am reading more of my book. It is hilarious!!

12:30~ They finally come and take Bear’s IV out and we are getting ready to go.

1:00~ DISCHARGED!! Bear insists on walking out. No wheelchair for him! Once we are in the car and bucked up Bear asks, “When we get home, I can go potty??” Well, of course he needs to potty! After all that fluid they pumped into him plus all that he has had to eat and drink, I’ll bet he needs to potty!

We pull in the garage and Bear says, “Let me get out on Bug’s side. I need to go potty weally bad!!” And he went straight to the bathroom and peed for three days.

Then we got him settled on the couch and he watched Toy Story 2 while he ate popsicles. Bug got a popsicle, too, because how unfair is that to have to sit and watch your brother eat popsicles?! He also ate some more Jell-o and drank some water. He's mad that he can't eat real food. Obviously he isn't feeling too much pain. That comes tomorrow. Thank heaven for Tylenol 3.

Right now, he's mad because he wants to play & he can't. It's gonna be a long two weeks. Good news for me? I get to leave town next Tuesday for five days!! Pray for SugarDaddy!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and good thoughts. I believe that they played a big role in everything going as well as it did.

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