Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's never what you think, is it?

To tell you the truth I have been hesitant to blog about this topic. I mentioned it once several months ago and really nothing came of it. It was a fanciful day for Bug that I took as more than it was. But now? Well, now he seems a little more serious. And well, so am I.

I am speaking ,of course, of potty training. A tried and true hotbed issue among mommy bloggers (yes, I wear my badge proudly!). I've read all the books. I know all the theories. I know that some people train their kids starting from birth and that others, well, don't. I have friends who have used the "Potty Train Your Child in a Day" method with great success. Frankly, I am much too lazy for that.

But, when Bug decided a few days ago that he wanted to wear "Unnerwear! No diaper!" I took it as a good sign. I was on board. He didn't have but about four pairs of underwear. Bear wasn't potty trained until about a year ago, so there are no hand-me-downs. (But really, hand me down underwear? Ew.) So, it was off to Target for some "unnerwear." As if we'd go someplace else.

We were standing there, looking at all of the toddler underwear and I am extolling the merits of the various designs as Bug shoots them down one by one.

Me: Look! There's Elmo underwear!

Bug: My not yike Elmo unnerwear.

Me: Ooooh! Madagascar underwear! I see Alex and Marty and MELMAN!

Bug: Melman unnerwear.

Me: Bob the Builder? Thomas the Train? Baseballs?

Bug: No. No. No. I want da horse unnerwear.

Me: Horse underwear? (scanning the racks) I don't see any horse you mean these?

Bug: (BIG smile) yeah! Horse unnerwear!

Me: These My Little Pony pan*ties? They are for girls, sweetie.

Bug: My yike horse unnerwear! My want horse unnerwear!

Me:...................Let's go see what underwear is in the bigger boys section!

No, I didn't buy him the My Little Pony pan*ties. But don't think I didn't consider it. And don't think I haven't ruled it out if he needs a little extra motivation. I'm not proud.

And no Brokeback jokes, Ben!

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