Friday, October 06, 2006

Because there is never enough drama around here

So here's the whole story.....I was born a poor black, wait, that's not it....

Wednesday night, I noticed that the air conditioner wasn't, well, conditioning the air. It was getting warmer in the bedrooms, not cooler. It was then that I realized that I hadn't changed the a/c filter since SugarDaddy left in July. Okay, to be more precise, SD changed it sometime before he left. But I watched. Ostensibly so that I would be able to do it again in a month or so. *cough*

So, I shut off the a/c and made plans to go ot Lowes and buy a new filter after work Thursday. Which I did. Then Bug and I picked up Bear and SugarPlum at their respective schools (Thursdays are exhausting) and Bug fell asleep as soon as we left Lowes (see? exhausting!). Aaaaaanyhoo, got home, put Bug in bed, and installed the filter. Whilst installing said filter, Bear tell me, "Mommy, I need to show you what Bug did to the air conditioner while we were outside yesterday."

Ummmmmm, yeah, the filter change wasn't terribly effective.

Bug had opened the breaker box and pulled off the switch thingy (sorry for the technical jargon), swished it around in the mud a bit and placed it back in the box. Yes, dear readers, the air conditioner wasn't air conditioning because the damn thing, for all intents and purposes, wasn't plugged in. So, I took the switch thingy in, scraped off as much dirt as possible without placing it in water (I may be blonde, but I'm not suicidal!) and took it back out to put it in the switch thingy box. Only it wouldn't go in. At least not without me trying things that I was afraid might get me killed. So, I did what any temporarily single-mom would do in this situation: I called a guy.

I called my former neighbor Ed (remember him?), only he wasn't home yet, so I left a message with his daughter.

Fast Forward (had to believe) to soccer practice, I am telling Bear's coach's wife about the a/c ordeal and she says that her husband can come over and fix it. Like right after practice. I tried to tell them that it could wait until Friday, but he insisted that it was fine. So, they followed me home and, after much running back and forth (by me) turning breakers on and off and checking whether I even had the thing on and turned down, the a/c finally started! YAYY!!!!

Just then, SugarPlum asks, "Where are the dogs?"

No. NO! Not again. But, oh, yes, the Houdini dogs struck again. In the midst of the all of my running from the a/c unit, I had left the gate open. I did make sure that the driveway gate was closed. I simply forgot that Snazzy, and, as it turns out, Yogi, can squeeze through the two sides of the gate. Moron. (Me, not the dogs) (Well, yes the dogs, too. They have a good life here. Why run away???)

Just as we realize that the dogs are out, the doorbell rings. And it's Ed and his lovely wife. Ed asks what is wrong with my a/c. I tell him nothing NOW, but that the dogs had gotten out again. Ed replies, "Well, shit, Buffi. I guess I'll go find them for you!"

And he did. Because Ed rocks (and so does Mrs. Ed!).

And all of the SugarBabies went to sleep without incident. And I drank a beer and watched ER. (OMG!! Are you loving ER this season??) (I'm saving Grey's for when I am not so distracted. Really, it deserves my full attention, don't you think?!) (So, nobody spoil it for me)

Oh, yes, and what really SHOULD have been the big news of the day: All biopsies and blood tests, etc, came back good. I am officially, once and for all cancer-free. For now. In my thyroid anyway.

So there you go. Five minutes of your life you'll never get back. If you lasted this long. Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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