Monday, January 08, 2007

Bittersweet weekend

SD's last weekend, being what it was, was pretty great. From my perspective, anyway. We got to spend some really great family time together, I got to sleep in (which is always a plus!!) and...then he left. Which sucked. Big time.

Before that, though, we had a blast celebrating SugarPlum's birthday. Friday night, my parents came to town, as usual. So, while they watched the boys, we took SP out to dinner. She decided that she wanted to go to the nice seafood restaurant down the street and she had lobster tail and grilled shrimp. Yes, you read that right, lobster tail and grilled shrimp. It was her birthday and we told her that she could have anything that she wanted. When Pop Pop was here a few weeks ago, we took him to that restaurant and that was what he ordered. He shared a bit with SP and girlfriend was hooked! I was skeptical as to whether she could actually eat all of that food, but that child ate every. single. bite. All of the lobster. All of the shrimp. All of the grilled vegetables. All of the rice. PLUS a huge salad and probably half a loaf of bread. I was gobsmacked. The waitress was duly impressed as well!

After supper, we went home and she opened presents. Her Daddy got her a very nice doll from Norway. Gray Gray and Gram got her some books and some new goalie gloves. Bug gave her some CDs and Bear gave her some more books. Mommy got her some clothes to wear to her birthday party and SD & I got her a new clock radio. She LOVES the clock!

Her party was fantastic! She invited seven friends to go rock climbing at an old grain elevator that has been converted to a rock climbing facility. Some of the girls were a little nervous, but everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. My SugarPlum, as it turns out, should have her nickname changed to Spider Girl!! She climbed in the boulder room, she climbed the 50 foot walls a few times and then, a the end of the party, she impressed everyone by scaling the 120 foot wall! Everyone in the place cheered when she reached the top. She was a little sore Sunday morning. To say the least.

So.......I was going to show you pictures, but blogger is being a PITA (big surprise). So, you'll just have to go see them over at Flickr.

PS We miss you so much already SD. The bed is very cold. Come home soon!

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