Saturday, January 27, 2007

I SO rock

Very busy, crazy days here lately. Bear was sick all week and finally went to school on Friday. We got a new, roll-top computer desk (veeerrry pretty!) that was delivered Saturday. Then we had a new, humongous area rug for the family room Wednesday, which means no more hard, cold wood floor any more. Yaaaay!

The result of the new desk and carpet was that I had to take the computer apart. For several days, I was using my laptop exclusively (once the DSL was back up). I was pretty apprehensive about trying to put the computer back together and had a tech-saavy friend from church on stand-by to come over and rescue me from the process. Because let's face it. If you know me at all, you know how NOT mechanically or technically inclined I am!

Imagine my surprise when I was able to get everything up and running all by myself!! I was feeling pretty smug. Only two issues came up. (heh) First...the keyboard was oh, about three millimeters too wide for the little drawer. And? While the computer sat disassembled, one of my children (I'm not naming any names, but I'm fairly certain that this child is of the three-year-old persuasion) broke the printer. Pulled some stuff out of it. My tech-saavy friend took a look at it and said that while it could be repaired, it would be at least $90. So, after consulting SD, we decided to go ahead and get a new keyboard and printer. Bug and I journeyed to Circuit City yesterday and purchased both (note to self: don't take Bug to an electronics store by myself again soon).

Today, I braved the big, bad PC again and successfully installed the printer and the new keyboard!! This much not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I have never done this before and I am feeling very empowered. As SD said the other night, now I can move to India and work in tech support. We're gonna be rich!

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