Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Something fishy...

Sorry for the dearth of posts (because I been so consistent for the past...year?!). I have been very busy building a coelacanth for my fourth grade science project.

What? What's that you say? You thought that at the age of {mumble, mumble}, surely I would have completed the fourth grade? Well, so did I. But, being mother to Gimpy: the One-Armed Wonder Girl, it has fallen to me to do the actual construction portion of the dinosaur fish. She has been providing the instruction (read:barking orders) as to how the fish should be assembled. She'll make a great sweatshop foreman someday.

There were many, many options as to what to do for this science project. It is about the ocean and they could do a model of pretty much any sea creature (real ones anyway) or done a model of different areas of the ocean. So many things that would have been much easier and less taxing to my (and her) creative abilities. But, no, my over-achieving Wonder Girl chose a Coelacanth. The fish that has armoured, spiked scales, fins that have what are almost legs, and the strangest most specific color I have ever known. It took a week of looking through fabric and craft stores to find materials that would be acceptable, feasible, and affordable.

As it is, my fingers are spray painted blue (I am thinking of changing my name to 'Bitchy Smurf"), there are little foam circles and bits of florist's foam all over the house, and I have stepped on too many broken blue toothpicks to excuse as accidental at this point. I am beginning to hate this fish. And Mrs. ScienceTeacher (who is actually a good friend of mine). And all fourth graders, just on principle.

I'll post a picture of my her creation when it is complete. If my fingers still work after pushing 2,000 toothpicks/spikes thru felt and into the styrofoam/body. And if I'm not totally stoned from the spray-paint. I never said this project didn't have its perks.

I damn well better get an 'A.'

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