Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Look! Another review! I've been busy...

You know my feelings about rude people and what should and should not be done in certain situations. *ahem*

So, when I started reading Late Night Talking by Leslie Schnur, I knew that I would totally identify . Jeannie Sterling is the host of a late night radio talk show called "Sterling Behavior" where she "vents with her listeners about everyday injustices, from rude cell phone users and poor gym etiquette, to bad drivers and many other annoyances of modern urban life."
Sound familiar? Perhaps like a certain mommy blogger who vents about the people at the gym or terrible customer service or the idiots picking their kids up from school? Because, of course, she is perfect.

But, to make this some truly great chick-lit, you must have some hunky guys with whom our heroine can fall in (or out) of love. And this book has some great ones! Her handsome best friend whom she knows inside out -- as well as he knows her -- suddenly becomes more than just a friend. You know that this can lead to no good, girls, yet it still makes a great read! And then there is her cocky, very wealthy, devastatingly handsome boss. Whom she can't stand - on principle more than anything else. Who will win her heart for good? Okay, we all know that answer, but it's fun to see how it happens. You will end up happy by the end of the book, I promise!

Adding to the great plot is Jeannie's relationship with her best friend and producer Luce. I could identify with so many of the complicated aspects of their friendship. Honestly this was my favorite part of the book. Their relationship is real and shows how your best friend can sometimes be the only person who knows your faults and still loves you. AND? She is the only person who can tell you when you are making an ass of yourself. (Not that I would know anything about that. No comments from CRB, Mrs Jackalord, or the Queen, please)

Back to the rantings....these can be best conveyed by Leslie Schnur's own personal list of pet peeves she shares on her website:

The rude behaviors that really piss me off, in no particular order.

People who talk in the movies. You're not in front of your TV. You're in public, remember?

People who eat in live performances. Those people are actually alive up there on the stage. You're not at the movies where you forget that you're not in front of your TV.

People who don't pick up their dog's poop. Definitely grounds for a $50 fine.

Spitting in public. This is what separates Man from the llama.

Littering. If everybody threw his trash on the ground, where would we be? In your living room!

Not holding a door for someone, and not saying "thank you" when someone holds the door open for you. It's good to be the king…if only you were!

Talking loudly on your cell phone in public. Cell phone rudeness has
been discussed ad nauseum…but apparently, it's just not enougheum.

Drivers who don't signal and don't wave a "thanks" when you let them
in. I'd call you a pig, but I hate to disparage the little pink critters.

Stealing a parking space, taking up two spaces, and/or parking illegally in a handicapped space. Don't even think about getting through the pearly gates.

Leaving pee on a public toilet seat. Need I say anything more?

Leaving your sweat on the machines at the gym, leaving your stuff all over the dressing room bench. It tells me more about you than I want to know.

Adults who ride their bikes on a sidewalk. They invented something special for machines with wheels. It's called a street.

Being mean to a waiter, bank teller, or other service person Be kind to people trying to help you, because it's not always their fault.

And vice versa: haughty or indifferent service. Be nice and helpful,
because it's your job.

Line cutters. Those whose sense of entitlement is bigger than their…well, you know.

Strollers blocking doorways, aisles, sidewalks. Talk about entitlement. Have baby, will be rude.

Parents who let their toddlers run around in a restaurant. They're only cute if their ours.

People who crack their gum. Unless appearing uneducated and low class is important to you.

Clipping nails in public. That's why they call it "personal" grooming. Oh, and because
it's disgusting.

People who ridicule others by making pet peeves lists. As if they've never yelled at a taxi driver for taking the long way when had he not been talking loudly on his phone the whole time he might've paid more attention and then she wouldn't be sitting here behind the garbage truck while the meter is running, as if money grows on trees!

Are there ANY of these you don't agree with? Do you see now why I LOVE this book? I do believe, knowing you as well as I do, dear internets, that you, too will love and adore this book. (could there be MORE commas in that sentence?) So why are you still here? Go! Buy! Read!!

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