Monday, August 08, 2005

Got Milk?

I read somewhere this weekend that this is National Breastfeeding Month. They should really publicize this more, because it was just something I noticed in passing. At any rate, I decided that I should seize moment to let you all in on a little secret. I am still nursing my two year old. Some of my friends think that it is weird and ask when I will finally be done. Honestly? I'm not sure. The main reason I am still nursing SugarBug is that I don't know how to stop. He only nurses at bedtime. It is part of our routine. Shower, pjs, nurse, brush teeth, story, lullabies, in bed. But it really settles him and gets him ready for bed. If I'm not home, he is fine with that. Babysitters never have a problem getting him down. (I am sooo jinxing myself on this, I know) We were away for five days in March & he never had a problem with it. He doesn't ask at other times. But if Mommy is home at bedtime, he wants to nurse. And I still love it.

I knew before I ever got pregnant the first time that I wanted to breastfeed my kids. My mom did not nurse us. But I was the kids who "nursed" baby dolls. So when I was pregnant, I took the class, bought The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I shopped for nursing bras as soon as I was in my third trimester. After Sugarplum was born, I nursed her as soon as I could. Boy, that was hard! But she did great those couple of days, but then my milk came in. And she did NOT like that. They wouldn't let me go home until she ate & she wasn't gonna. Finally, I lied. (shhhh, don't tell) They tell you that a newborn should nurse about every two to three hours. She would eat maybe every eight hours. I was so hormonal & stressed. I knew she was going to die. I went upstairs and cried & prayed. Okay, SugarDaddy will tell you that I wailed. So loudly that he could hear me over the baby's cries. Fortunately for us, the base's lactation consultant lived across the street form us. SD called her at 11:00 that night and she came over and helped me. She was so nice. She told me to bring SP up to the hospital the next morning to have her weighed & do a little more consulting. We did & SP had gained weight in that time, not lost. After that, we all relaxed & I learned to enjoy nursing my baby. I nursed her for 13 months. I had to have oral surgery & was told I had to stop for two weeks following, so I didn't see the point in resuming.

Four and a half years later, SugarBear was born. The nursery was very busy, so we spent several hours in the L/D room after he was born. This was good, because I was able to nurse him two or three times before he was taken to be weighed, etc. I never,ever had a problem with nursing him, except for the sore nipples. Oh, and thrush. My little guy had that purple stuff on his lips and in his mouth. He looked like a little goth baby. And the purple nipples nearly sent me over the edge. But, other than that, I absolutely loved breastfeeding that child. I nursed him for 16 months. The last time I nursed him was the night before I went to the ER with an ectopic pregnancy. I wasn't able to after that. I was so worried, but surprisingly, it didn't seem to phase him. He was such a little trouper. A cup of warm milk at bedtime and he was fine.

SugarBug was born ten days before SugarBear turned two. He was another good nurser. It probably saved his life. He is such a miracle baby for so many reasons. (This post is getting too long, so I will save that amazing and infuriating story for another time) He is still a good nurser. He is so sweet now at bedtime. When he is done on one side, he will tell me "Nurt side?" And when he accidently gets his teeth in the way, I make him stop. And he will say "Owie Nurt?" But honestly, it is getting a little freaky.

My point? Gee, do I have a point? I guess to express how wonderful breastfeeding is. But also I feel like I need to clarify that I am not one of the "bo*ob na*zis." (sorry, the random hits I have gotten lately are creeping me out). If you want to nurse your baby, I am so excited & will encourage and help you any way I can. If you aren't sure, I will try to talk you into it. It is so good for your baby, it is so good for you, it saves sooooo much money. If you are dead set against it & my attempt at persuasion will only piss you off, that's fine, too. One of my very best friends, the princess' mommy, had a little boy two months before SugarBear was born. She chose to bottle feed Jack & I was fine with that. We talked about it once or twice and she will tell you that it was never an issue for me. My feeling is that a baby benefits most from a mommy who is happy and under the minimal amount of stress possible. So you do what works for you. And I will suport you wholeheartedly But, if you have any ideas on how I can stop, please share, cause I think I'm about done. SugarBug? Not so much.

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