Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Your Assistance is Requested

For my birthday, SugarDaddy agreed to let me go away all by myself for a long weekend with one of my best friends, The Queen. (So called because she is mommy to the princess.) We have settled on DC for the weekend - not this weekend. Her Majesty has some ideas as to what we will do, but I haven't a clue. I have been to DC once, for a convention in college & was in meetings almost the whole time. Actually that is where I met SugarDaddy, but there was no romance at the time. If you are really nice I might tell you about it sometime.

So, I am asking you, internet friends for suggestions of things to do, see and places to eat while we are enjoying our kid-free weekend. Remember, we are military wives, not trust-fund babies. While we aren't going to be pinching pennies, we can't be too, too extravagant. Any ideas??

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