Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Still nothing

Sorry, I have been waiting to post today, thinking that surely we would hear something. But no such luck. They say that phone service is tough to come by and that by now generators and batteries are dying so it's not likely to get any easier. SD remembered that our landlord is stationed down in Biloxi right now. He is going to contact the management company to tell them that if they need a couple of months' advance rent, we would be happy to oblige. Isn't he just the sweetest man? I am very lucky to have him. Bless his heart. He is so stressed out worrying about his family. He is going to school full time right now and has had trouble concentrating on his studies.

We have been so overwhelmed by all of your thoughts and prayers and good wishes. I told some of you that I really covet your prayers right now. They are really all we have to hold on to until we learn something. My internet friends are just so wonderful. It is heartening to know that people all over the world are praying for us and our family. What a blessing.

I am supposed to go away for my weekend with my friend, The Queen, next weekend. I have been feeling ashamed of my selfish feelings, hoping that I will still be able to go. I have so been looking forward to this time away to recharge and rest. I think that it will help me to be a better Mommy. But at the same time it does feel so selfish when I know what is going on down there. SugarDaddy was planning to leave the day after I got back to meet his dad back east and go to their hometown together. They wanted to be there for the anniversary of his mom's death eleven years ago. It will be good for both of them. They still haven't had a chance to finish grieving that loss. I hope that they will still be able to make the trip.

The sun finally came out today, thank heavens! My kids are outside right now playing. I need to get them in and showered. The boys are positively caked with sand. I noticed while we were eating supper that SugarBug has chunks of sand in his ears! I'm sure I'll be cleaning the bathroom tonight. So, I guess I'd better sign off. I promise to let you all know when we hear from the family.

Just to let you know, I am still working on memes from Scott, Sleeping Mommy, Joyful Mayhem, and Kiki. Jeepers! You people are ganging up on me! I haven't forgotten, I'm just slow and preoccupied.

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