Monday, August 29, 2005

Keep Praying

Still no news from Biloxi. The pictures don't look good. Lots of flooding from the storm surge. I know that they will call when they can. I'm sure that the phone lines are down and cell service must be spotty if there is any at all. I just hope that they are okay. SD is really getting worried and feeling helpless. Their house is about a mile and a half from the beach. The news is saying now that there is nothing left in the first quarter mile inland. Nothing. No houses, stores, casinos, nothing. It's as if the place was wiped clean. Not good.

We are trying to rein in our feelings and discussion around the kids. SugarPlum, especially, is very sensitive to these things. She is worried about her PopPop and Aunt, Uncle & cousins. She starts school tomorrow and we don't want her to be too preoccupied with this. No third grader should have to worry about whether her loved ones are alive or not.

I ran to Target tonight in hopes of finding some wellies for SugarPlum to wear to & from school since Katrina's rains should be starting here in the morning. But no luck. Rain boots are a spring item I suppose. She has snow boots, but they might look a little silly with her pink plaid "first day of school" capris. So, I guess she can slog back & forth in her sandals.

This Mark Shwartz guy on the Weather Channel drives me nuts. He thinks he is really cute and clever. I hate that. And who are these retarded reporters who were out in the hurricane as it hit? I hope that they don't have families, because I would be pissed! Honestly, I have no respect for that. My anxious ramblings are surely boring you. I will update when I have news.

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