Thursday, September 22, 2005

Extra, Extra, read all about it....

I hate school fundraisers. I honestly would rather just write a check to the school or PTO or whatever for $100 and get it over with. I don't need any wrapping paper, t-shirts, cookie dough or magazines. They get the kids all worked up about it. "Sell $xx, and win this piece of crap! Sell $xxx and get more, bigger crap!" or "Everybody who sells something gets to go to a special party..."

Grrrrrr. This afternoon, SugarPlum came home with the dreaded magazine fundraiser packet. She was all excited until I told her that we wouldn't be doing it. We just moved here. Everyone in our neighborhood has kids at the same school or neighbors with kids there. We have the magazines we need. I told her that she could ask PopPop and GrayGray & Gram to buy some, but to not hold her breath. She was devastated. There were tears and angry words. I told her she could definitely sell Girls Scout cookies in the Spring. Yeah, that helped. I'm hearing, "I'll be the only one in my whole class who doesn't get to go to the party or win a prize!"

So she sat down, looked through the catalogue (a magazine catalogue sounds so wrong) and found a couple of magazines that she would be willing to spend her allowance on. This is a big deal. She is quite a miser when it comes to her own money! So we may be subscribing to a few after all. What a little problem solver, eh?!

In the mean time, let me present to you this wonderful opportunity to both receive quality magazines at low, low prices AND help XXXX Elementary School....

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