Friday, September 23, 2005


Today is Friday, people. It is supposed to be happy. I, however, am NOT happy. Why? You really don't want to know. But, I am going to tell you anyway. Because it's my blog and the only place I can vent right now.

1. When I took Bear to school today, nobody was there. The note on the door said that the school picnic was today at 11:00. I knew that. What I didn't know was that there would be no school because of it. I have stuff to do, folks. Now I have to take two boys instead of one. AND this picnic is screwing with naptime. Naptime is sacred.

2. My mom left the relative safety of the Texas panhandle Wednesday to fly to HOUSTON for work. Now she is stuck there. No more flights out. She is staying with some cousins, but now she will be there during the hurricane. Just what y'all needed. Me venting my angst through another damn hurricane. Please pray for her and my other family down there.

3. PopPop decides - after we are all ready for the stupid picnic - that he feel so poorly that he needs to go to the ER. I may sound like a heartless bitch here, but we have played this game before. My sister-in-law plays it all the time because he lives in the same town as her. When he is feeling neglected, he pulls the "oh, I'm sick" card and ruins whatever plans you have with your family. He has cried wolf so many times that she tells him to call a cab now and she gets there whenever she is done with her kids' activities.

SugarBear is heartbroken that Daddy won't be at the picnic. I hate this. We can't take a chance, because the man is in poor health and doesn't take care of himself. If he really is sick & we blew it off, SD would never forgive himself. So I am stuck here with all of this anger and resentment for this man that I used to love (PopPop, not SugarDaddy. I feel really sorry for my husband.) I will explain more about PopPop later.

I am now late for the picnic. We'd better get going so that we can get back to salvage a little of naptime. Thanks for listening.

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