Wednesday, September 07, 2005

**Sigh** ~~UPDATED~~

Well, this time tomorrow I, hopefully, will be with my friend, The Queen, in Maryland, preparing for a fun-filled, kid-free weekend in DC. Hopefully, you ask? Yes, because do you know where I am going in 20 minutes? To the pediatrician with SugarBug.

He woke up this morning with a fever that has not been kept down with ibuprofen. And he won't let me give him any tylenol or anything else. Is it bad of me to hope he has an ear infection, so that they can give him antibiotics and he will feel better tomorrow? He got tubes just over a year ago and we have had only one ear infection since then. He's been snotty and coughing for the past week or so. I really think that's what it is. He is miserable, poor little guy.

I hate to leave him here without his mommy, but I neeeeeeeed to get away & this is my only chance. SD is leaving Monday for his trip with PopPop and then PopPop will be staying with us until the beginning of October. Grrrrrr. I hate stuff like this. I will be miserable either way. I'll update after the doctor's appointment.

Thanks for listening.


No it is not an ear infection. SugarBug's ears looked "great." I tried not to let on to the Dr how disappointed I was. He has a random, nasty virus that is making him spike fevers and be miserable. I was able to get some motrin in him before we left for the dr. By the time we got home he was much better, but about four hours later, started to crash again. I couldn't get him to take anything then. I tried to force some motrin down him at bedtime, but he puked it all up - all over both of us. Gross. I'm still going though. I may regret it and have to fly back Friday morning, but as of now, I am still going to DC.

SugarBug, of course has no idea what is going on with the trip. I mentioned it to Bear at bedtime and he turned into a maniac. "I don't want you to go!" "I want to go with you!" That would defeat the purpose, don't you think? He told me to bring him a "lellow airplane." So I shall find him a yellow airplane if it's the only thing I do!

SugarPlum was a little weepy. "How will you read to me? Can I call you whenever I need to?" (of course) But I talked up Daddy and how much fun he was going to be. She told me that she wanted me to bring her a doll for her collection. She has dolls from all over the world that GrayGray and Daddy have brought her. Now she can have one from Mommy.

I hope that SD will be okay. This will be the first time he's been alone with them for any length of time. When I went to Dallas for a weekend in April, my mom came to help out. When SugarPlum was 2, I went away for a weekend and he threw his back out. Pray for him!

I am taking my laptop and will try to post at least once while I am gone. If I don't get to though, have a great weekend!!

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