Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday has been a little better

Jeepers, this is a rambling, scattered post! Sorry about that. It appears to be more of a stream of consciousness type of thing. Very appropriate for my state of mind lately, though! Read at your own risk.

Well, folks. You people are the best. I really needed all of your validation on the PopPop situation. He is going home Monday. He agreed that he needed to be near his doctor. Things were a little better for a few hours. SD is still pretty upset. He keeps asking what he could have done differently. He can't be convinced that there is nothing he could have done differently. He is a good son. But he is also a good husband and father. He has his priorities straight. He is not responsible for his father's choices.

We took PopPop out to the dairy near our home. We thought we could feed the goats, play on the tractors, etc and then have supper and ice cream out there. He went inside shortly after we got there to "sit down and wait for us." After we had exhausted the "fun" stuff, there were still a couple of hours until supper. So, we decided to just have some ice cream and head home for supper. We found PopPop and he had already had ice cream. Damn it. He couldn't even wait to have ice cream with his grandchildren. And then, he sighed and was impatient while WE had our ice cream.

The kids had fun in spite of that. They each got to pick out a pumpkin. I got to get some "Indian" corn and gourds to decorate with. We all got yummy ice cream. Actually, I got a Cinnamon Cider Milkshake. Yum. I may go back tomorrow.

My mom was stuck in Houston during the hurricane. But she said that they got a little wind and rain, but not much else. Right now, though, they have no power. She was supposed to fly out tomorrow morning, but all flights out of Houston have been cancelled. She's hoping to leave Monday.

Bear's school picnic was good. The boys had a blast playing. I got to meet some of the parents. I even ran into a friend I knew when we were stationed in England. We were on the OCSC board together. Her little girl is in Bear's class. Small world.

SugarDaddy thought I should let you know - in case you hadn't guessed what a giant dork I am - that I locked my keys in the van at the picnic. I tried to call while he was taking his dad to the ER. I left a message and, thankfully, he got it. He came by on his way from the Urgent Care clinic to the ER.

The picnic really messed up naptime. Bear didn't take one at all and Bug's was pretty short. But, it was okay, because they really did have a good time.

Ooh, I forgot. PopPop bought kites for the kids while he & SD were at the beach last week. We went out Thursday night to fly them across the street at the school. They had a blast. I thought I would share this in the interest of making PopPop actually seem human. He loved seeing them fly the kites. They had such a good time. Pictures of the kite flying and dairy trip are here.

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