Sunday, September 25, 2005

How NOT to improve my self image...

1. Look me in the eyes and smile that adorable two-year-old smile of yours. Then glance up to my forehead, giggle and say, "SNAKES!" (Botox, anyone?)

2. Tell me, when I accidently rolled on your leg while snuggling you, "I think my leg is broked."

"No, Bear, it is not broken."

"Yes, Mommy. You are so big that you broked my leg."

3. Come downstairs after your nap and hug me. While pressing your little face into my hips, start singing a song. "Baby Beluga."

4. After relating said "Whale Song Incident" to you, tell me, "Maybe you can use it for inspiration."

What? You thought I wouldn't blog that?

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