Thursday, September 08, 2005

On My Way!

You guys are the best! I really appreciate all of the encouragement and support. I am at the airport right now, sitting in the business center, using their free wi-fi access. SugarDaddy and I were laughing that, yeah, right, the airport will have free internet access. I am downright giddy to be in the airport playing on the internet. My one and only (minor, very minor) gripe is that I can't access gmail, because somehow it shows up as a p*rn site. Odd.

SugarBug was up several times last night, but never with fever. Then he was up at 5:00 this morning, but in a really, really good mood. I have told SD to keep him doped up on motrin & tylenol all weekend and he should be fine. I offered him a chewable motrin this morning by saying, "Hey! Want one of these?!" He enthusiastically took it. No, he didn't have a fever, but once he does have one, you can't get any medicine in him. So we are being proactive and giving prophylactic motrin. No lectures, please.

So here I sit at the airport, relatively guilt free. SugarBear and SugarPlum were a little apprehensive about me leaving, but they'll be fine. Bug fell asleep on the way to the airport, but woke up to give me a kiss & say goodbye. I'll try to post again later. But, WHEEEEE! I'm kid free, so if I don't it's because I am shopping, or getting a pedicure or indulging in adult beverages! If you are lucky I'll post pictures. Someday.

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