Friday, September 02, 2005

One More Update PLUS How you can help

SD spoke with his family tonight. His father has power and is back at his house. His sister's family has a generator and are okay. He and his dad are going on their trip as planned in a couple of weeks. AND I get to go on my trip with the Queen as planned. ::~does a little happy dance~:: Then f.i.l. will be staying with us for a few weeks. Expect some good blog material to come from that little visit!

We truly feel blessed beyond measure. Considering all of the suffering all over that region, our family is really in need of nothing, other than patience perhaps! With that in mind, she gave us a few ideas as to whom you could send money. The churches in the area have really done a great deal. They were on the scene immediately. She suggested donations to the Gulfport or Biloxi Catholic Diocese, the local United Methodist Churches, and Southern Baptist Churches. I think that you could Google any of these to find a specific church to send a donation. On a more personal note, My nephew's school will have a great deal of rebuilding to do and could use some financial help. Donations can be sent to St. Alphonse School, 504 Jackson Ave, Ocean Springs MS 39564. If you would like to donate in his name, email me sugarmommymail at gmail dot com, and I will give it to you.

Also, consider donating to local charities and food banks where you live. When disasters like this occur, other charities suffer because folks direct their donations out of their local communities. If you don't have money or items you can donate, maybe you have time. Go to a nursing home and spend some time with a resident there who may not have anyone else. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or a food bank, or the local chapter of the Salvation Army or Red Cross. They send people out to the disaster areas, leaving work to be done at home. There are so many ways you can pitch in. There is no need to feel helpless. Put that humanitarian spirit to good use.

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