Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Potty Time - Round 3

Having just last week gotten SugarBear back into underwear full time, I was looking forward to a break in the "I go potty" game for a couple of months. (I just jinxed it with SugarBear, I know. So stop laughing at me. Now. Cut it out!)

Then yesterday, SugarBug tells me "Go potty."

"You need to go potty?"

"Uh-HUH!" (high pitched happy voice)

And, sure enough, he DID! And then three times this morning. Now, not that I'm complaining (except that maybe I am a little), but the whole potty training thing just wears me out. SugarBear took 2 years to potty train. Stubborn little cuss. Finally
Beth's potty jar plan did the trick. I love how proud SugarBug is when he goes. We sing a little song each time & he is so delighted with himself.

But seriously, folks, I just wanted a little break from this potty tedium. But, maybe this will be easier since he sticks to his brother like glue & wants to be just like him. And if in your experience, it hasn't been that way, kindly keep that little fact to yourself. I will live here in my dream world where my 2 year old gets potty trained in 5 days thankyouverymuch!

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