Monday, November 20, 2006

Questions for my children.....

The following are some questions to which I realize I will never get the answers. I'll let you figure out which child (or children) I am referring to in each question....
  • Why is it so HI-larious every. single. time. to make a pssssssssss sound and gesture like you are peeing?
  • Why must you color on at least one wall in each room of our house?
  • When, exactly will you start going to the bathroom?
  • Will you flush when you do?
  • What, exactly, is it about meatloaf that makes you cry?
  • Why is it that when one of you is "so hot, I'm gonna die," the other two are "fweezing!?" Or vice/versa.
  • Do you really think that someday, I will cave and let you eat candy for breakfast?
  • Why do you throw a fit and act like you've been abandoned every time I leave you with your grandparents for a few hours, yet have no issues whatsoever (other than not being able to get rid of me quickly enough) when I leave you with a babysitter? Do you find the subsequent guilt trips Mommy receives from Gram amusing?
  • And while we're on that subject...why do you go to bed so much better for the sitter than you EVER do for me?
  • How do you know the exact right moment to kiss me and say "I yove you" so as to avoid certain death?
  • How did I get so lucky to be blessed with the three smartest, sweetest, most beautiful and well behaved children in the whole world?

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