Friday, June 02, 2006

April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring...the MOVERS!!!

Did you know...were you AWARE that it is now JUNE!!?? How the hell did this happen? This is totally unacceptable. If today is June 2, then that means that the movers will be here in four days and we will be out of this house and sharing that hotel suite in five days. Holy shit.

Who turned on the time warp machine and propelled me two months into the future? Because last time I looked, it was April and I had plenty of time to get this house ready for the movers. Now look at me. I am a mess. I am busy, busy, busy (well, when I'm not blogging anyway. A girl MUST have priorities.).

We are all at that point before the move where we are stressed out and snapping at each other. It happens every time, but this time I think it's worse because SD will be leaving for his remote a month after we get to TEXAS!!

SugarPlum has been biting everyone's head off for the slightest thing. She is really upset about having to move again. She is happy that we are returning to TEXAS!! but she is frustrated that just about the time that she really starts to form a circle of friends and her soccer team really starts playing well together, we have to move again. And she will be going to her third school in five years. We were only here for a year and we couldn't find a house in our old school zone. I think that it is all just so overwhelming to her. It is breaking my heart.

Bear is wavering between being excited about seeing his old friends and already missing his "Monty-sorry" school. He is also concerned about what the movers will be packing and what they won't. Are the movers going to take my vacuum cleaner to TEXAS!? Yes, they will take it to our new house. Are they going to take Tex, too? No, you can take Tex to the hotel with us. (Tex is the monkey he made at Build-a-Bear.) Are the movers going to take our couch to the new house? No, this couch has seen it's last move. We are leaving it here in Ohio. But we are getting a NEW couch! (This fact didn't serve as much comfort and now he is mourning the loss of the old couch before it is even gone.)

Bug is pretty clueless. He vaguely remembers the moving truck at our house last year so he just keeps asking when the big truck is coming back. The movers came a couple of last week and took SD's stuff to his remote assignment. They let Bug climb up and stand in the back of the truck. That is way cool when you are three! The rest of it he doesn't get. I'm sure he will be plenty pissed when they start packing all of the toys away, though.

I'm just ready to get on with it all. Except that I'm not. I knew going into this marriage what being a military wife entailed: the moves, the separations, the long hours and many obligations. But, after all these years, it is really wearing thin. And it kills me to see how hard it is on my kids. SD is committed for a few more years, but I think that we are all ready for the chance to be settled and just BE somewhere.

That isn't happening anytime soon, though. For now, I need to gather my strength, my sanity (such that it is) and get ready for this move back to TEXAS! Not tomorrow though. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo! Priorites, remember. And zoo trumps movers every. single. time.

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