Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thoughts while unpacking...

  • We have entirely too much crap.
  • I can't find any of the useful crap.
  • I have four boxes of lasagna noodles. Why?
  • I have 874 boxes of jello. WTF?
  • My children have turned boredom into an art form.
  • My children do NOT, when bored, take kindly to being told that I have boxes that they can unpack.
  • SugarPlum has learned not to say, "There's nothing to do."
  • She now says, "Is there something fun I can do?"
  • So I made her sweep and clean the baseboards and vents.
  • Oddly enough, the boys got jealous of her "fun" and started cleaning the vents as well.
  • Then they fought over who got to Swiffer the floors.
  • My boys each have eleventy thousand billion pairs of socks. (give or take a million)
  • I am remembering that in the Spring, I could never find a pair of socks for the both of them.
  • Where did all the damn socks come from?
  • We are going to have to replace the ovens. Like NOW.
  • The ovens in the kitchen now are approximately 125 years old.
  • Yes, that means that they predate the house by a good eighty years.
  • I keep trying to finish the TXU post, but I can't seem to gather my thoughts enough to make it coherent.
  • My husband leaves in 19 days.
  • I need to refill my Xanax.
  • And buy more vodka.
  • Laundry is done. Must fold & put away. I'm determined to not let it get out of control.
  • Let's all hold our breaths on that, shall we?

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