Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In which we make like Willie Nelson (eventually)......

We have finally escaped from Ohio!! I thought that we might never leave. It has been just the freakiest of days.

SD got up this morning and took both our cars in to get the oil changed and tires rotated, etc. (I know, nothing like waiting till the last minute. We LOVE to fly by the seat of our pants) Then he had to go up to school to do the very end of the "out-processing" so that we could leave. Meanwhile, I had to pick the dogs up from the kennel by 11:30 and SD wasn't expected back until around 12:30 or 1:00. Since the hotel would have charged us $100 to bring the dogs up to the room for an hour, our landlord agreed to let me put the dogs in our "old" back yard for the hour or two until we were to leave. I made sure that both of the gates were latched because Yogi and Snazzy are master escape artists and that was all we needed. (Shhhhh, let ME tell the story, please!)

I got back to the hotel and was almost finished loading up the van when SD calls from the house to tell me that the gate was open and that the dogs were not in the yard. He said that he would be driving around looking for them. Inevitably our hotel suite had already been reserved for someone else who was waiting for us to get the hell out of there so that they could clean it and move in. So, we sat in the hotel lobby for a few minutes before I decided that two people looking was better than one.

I dropped Gram and the boys off at the park and SugarPlum and I scanned the neighborhood for the two escapees. After a half hour or so, I decided to stop at the swim club by our house and ask if anyone had seen them. Of course they hadn't, but I left my cell number, just in case. Just as I was about to leave, I glanced in the direction of our old house and lo and behold there they were. Our dogs were back in the yard, lounging around like they had never been missing. I yelled at SugarPlum that they were in the yard and we hopped in the van to go over there. And my sweet girl says to me, "Praise Him in the storm, Mommy!" Out of the mouths of babes.

Now, I have no idea whatsoever what happened. Did someone find them, see the address on their tags and put them back in the yard? Were they there the whole time and for some reason didn't come when SD called? Were they abducted by aliens who soon realized how retarded and ridiculously hyper they are and who quickly returned them? No clue. Just very happy that our dogs are safe and sound and with us.

We quickly hit the road after retrieving our wayward canines (to which Bear asked, "Mommy, why are we hitting the road?" Implying that, wouldn't that somehow damage our vehicle?). We headed south toward Louisville, KY since I hadn't gotten to go to the Bluegrass State. The one place I wanted to see and we never made it down here. And I got to see a bit of it. But now we are in Indiana, about to go to sleep in a Holiday Inn Express. It ain't the Ritz, but it ain't Motel 6 either, so I won't complain.

Pray that the rest of our journey is uneventful. Except for a little bit on Friday, when I get to see Holli and Bug, at long last, gets to meet Baby Faith.

'Night, y'all!

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