Monday, June 19, 2006

We interrupt this bloglessness to bring you this special news bulletin....

Dear Blogosphere,

We regret to inform you that although the residents of Candyland made it safely to TEXAS!!, they quickly melted away in the over 100 degree heat and are currently trying to recover from said meltiness.

They are presently in their sixth accommodation in as many days (the Air Force tried to give them temporary housing in a tiny, unsanitary, - nay DISGUSTING - two bedroom "apartment"(read hellhole) to which SugarMommy promptly replied, "I don't fucking think so!"

As a result, they were moved to a much nicer (albeit poorly air conditioned and no internet) four bedroom house that would accommodate their dogs. However, they could only live there for two days.

They are now residing in a beautiful two bedroom house with fantastic A/C which should aid in the deterring further melting (melt downs still anticipated from all parties at one point or another). Candyland will permanently relocated in their big, beautiful, home on Friday. There will be beer and margaritas for anyone who wishes to come help unpack boxes. Come one come all.

SugarMommy will post again ASAP


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