Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm still alive...barely

The movers delivered our stuff (AND totally scratched up my hardwood floors) Friday. Sadly, we were unable to actually move in to the house until Saturday afternoon because TXU SUCKS and we didn't have power until then. This particular fiasco merits a whole blog post of its own, but I am so exhausted right now that I don't have the energy to properly address it. Fear not, dear readers, you will soon learn of the rude, rude, rude, rude "customer service" people (also known as "big fat liars) employed by TXU.

Tomorrow we finally get cable and I will have more than two channels. Seriously, right now I only get two channels. Not that I have had time to watch TV. The cable guy came on Thursday, but obviously, since we had no power (because TXU SUCKS) they couldn't do much about the cable.

By Saturday evening, however, the fridge was up and running, the beer and margaritas were chilling and all people over the age of ten were unpacking boxes. (Where were YOU? We could have totally used your help!) Not that you would know it from looking around here. Where did all of this crap come from? And why must I unpack it? Okay, to be fair, SD has done FAR more than I. But we need to get this finished up (hahahaha! I dream big.), because SD abandons us in less than four weeks. Perhaps I have twisted that a bit. But this is my blog and I can say things how I want....

Oh, and PS....

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