Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is there a point to this post? No, I'm afraid there is not.

First, I must apologize profusely to Lucinda for not saying anything sooner and thank her SO VERY MUCH for the Perfect Post award she chose me for last week. I am beyond honored that someone I like as much as Lucinda thought that my writing was good. I promise to TRY to pick one next month. If the chaos subsides...

Well, everything I own (except for candles, cleaning supplies, anything in an aerosol spray, and liquor) (oh, and of course the stuff in the suitcases)(and a couple of twelve packs of Diet Coke) is in boxes or is being wrapped in movers paper as we speaktype. Right now, for the second time in thirteen months, I am watching the movers carry out my belongings and load them on the truck. My mom is at the hotel with the SugarBabies, who are tired, cranky, and really just a joy to be around. I'm buying my mom a margarita later.

The movers are very nice. The boys have been thrilled with having a big, giant moving truck in front of their house all week. Mommy, not so much. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday running down to the street to haul Bug up from UNDER the big, giant moving truck. The place where the trailer connects to the cab (I can't think of the word for it...coupling?) is just about an inch taller than his head, so he sneaks out there every chance he gets to "work on the truck." It is only by the grace of God Himself that Bug hasn't been squashed by a passing car. As a result, the kids will likely not be coming over here to play in the yard as we had talked about. I can't handle that stress any longer. I know that our luck will run out eventually.

So, Candyland has been temporarily relocated to a lovely two bedroom suite about a mile from the house. It's nice, but to cram all five of us in there for seven days is awfully...well...insane. The kids ask about every thirty-eight seconds, "When can we go swimming?" "Can we go swimming in a minute?" "Can we go swimming after supper?" "Can we go swimming before bed?" "Why are we at a hotel with a pool if we aren't swimming???" Swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Someone may lose a limb before all is said and done. Purely accidental, of course. I'll pray that the judge is a mom of three and I'm sure that I will not only get off, but maybe receive a medal.

SugarPlum seems to be doing better. She hasn't been as surly as she has she was. Although yesterday, her world collapsed for a few minutes and I thought that she might have a nervous breakdown because she opened her report card and saw that she had made her first ever "B." (gasp!) She grieved this grade for about an hour. She cried. She sobbed. She screamed. She yelled. She told herself how stupid she was. She insisted that we see her for the stupid person that she thought she was. When we tried (over and over) to tell her that a "B" is a good grade and nothing to be ashamed of, she looked at us like we were crazy. We also showed her that the "B" was only for that one grading period (six weeks? nine weeks? not positive) and not for the whole semester, she still didn't care all that much. It was a "B," dammit, didn't we understand the gravity of the situation?!

The thing is, she really could have done better. Her grade was lower as a result of careless mistakes made when she was rushing through stuff. I am willing to cut her a lot of slack, however, knowing how turbulent her emotions have been about this move. No shame in a "B," but I have a feeling that she hated getting one enough that it will motivate her to really do her best from now on.

Bug, on the other hand, has been such a little butthead lately. He refuses to listen and acts almost defiant much of the time. I am almost afraid to let him meet Baby Faith next week, lest she teach him to flip me the bird and say, "Bite me." Logically, I know that he is desperately trying to figure out what his boundaries are and where exactly I will draw the line. There is comfort in knowing that the rules are still the rules. But, geez kid! Enough already.

Bear is just clingy the past couple of days. He is actually so sweet and mature much of the time it kills me. He has been so sweet to share and to help me with whatever I am doing. But once he reaches the end of his rope, then he just falls apart and loses any rational thought that might have existed. That is when I have to stop and just hold him. My sweet, sweet Bear.

Tonight is SD's graduation dinner. And it is formal. So, all of us who are in the middle of moving and living out of a suitcase, had to be sure and pack an evening gown to wear to this. And heels, jewelry, etc. Because that is what you want taking up room in your suitcase, right? Actually, instead of an evening gown, I am wearing some loose flow-y pants. My big old ass won't fit into any of my evening gowns (yes, I do have several, it is one of my vices) (shut up)and I refuse to buy a bigger one that I will only wear once. Because I WILL be losing this weight soon. I can't afford the new wardrobe to go with the big ass.

Okay, time to end this rambling post. I'm doing okay, don't worry about me. The Dr. gave me some really good drugs on Monday and they are helping tremendously. Better living through pharmaceuticals!

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