Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blah, blah, blah. Really, skip this. It bores even me.


I was going to go to bed, but I can't sleep. After Friday night's "festivities," I ended up staying in bed until 2:30. Yes, p.m. Trust me, it was a good thing. Yesterday was a little dicey altogether. SugarDaddy came through like a champ, taking care of me & letting me sleep.

He was installing a light kit on the boys' ceiling fan yesterday at about noon. Bug was making it very clear that he was ready for a nap, so I went and brought him in to snuggle me until SD was done. He quickly fell asleep with me, so I went with it and went back to sleep. I love sleeping with my babies!

Yesterday afternoon and evening are a bit blurry. We were going to do pizza and movie night, but the boys were just soooooooo out of control (read: ripped curtains!) that I nixed the movie. No need to reward that kind of behavior.

SD wanted to keep the kids up later to maybe get them off of Daylight Savings Time. But, by 8:00, the boys were an even bigger disaster & I had to get everyone to bed before things got ugly.

Hungover Mommy + Over tired kids = Bad News

Fast Forward to this morning. SugarBug woke up at his normal time of 6:45, which is now 5:45. SD was a saint and got up with him again. You see why I married this man??

By the time we got ready for church, the boys were already cranky. Bug was downright pissy. I was thinking that we might just stay for Sunday School & skip the service. Bear was telling me he had a headache in the car. Bug fell asleep on the way to church. Oh, and he was soooo pleased to be woken up and left in the nursery once we got there.

I finally got him calmed down and into his room. I mentioned that he was having trouble with the time change. The nursery lady says, "Why? He got to sleep an extra hour!"

Am I the only mommy whose two-year-old doesn't wear a watch? Whatevah.

Bear & SugarPlum decided that they wanted to stay for church. So, I took Bug home for naps and went back to fetch them. Then I had a nap with Bear. Yes, I nap every day. You think I'm kidding. (They think I'm kidding, honey!)

WOW! That was a long way to lead up to say that I should not be on the computer right now. I said I was staying up to start reading this book that I was asked to review. And it looks like a fantastic book. I got it on Friday afternoon. I planned on reading all weekend, but....

So I was going to at least start it tonight. Only now I can't find it. And I could really use The MomsTown Guide to Getting it All. See, I actually seem to have it all. It is just crammed into various undisclosed locations throughout my cluttered home.


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