Saturday, October 08, 2005

Go Visit Christine - ~because I said so!~

Once upon a time there was a girl who started reading blogs. Of course the first one she read was Dooce. She thought it was very funny and interesting, but in a detached celebrity sort of way. Then she found this blog that she could really, really relate to.

This blogger had the exact same age as the girl's youngest two kids. And she parented much like the girl did. And she had many, many (so, so, many) of the same idiosynchrosies that the girl had. AND they were taking the same drug for PPD. (See, the girl thought that was unusual until she started reading even more Mommy blogs.) One day, after the girl got brave and left a comment at this blog, the blogger wrote her back. NO WAY! That was amazing. And the blogger and the girl wrote back and forth several times a day. And them they started IMing. Then as their lives began to spin put of control at the same time, they started taking on the phone. It was such a lifeline to the girl. This blogger became one of her best friends. The

Finally the girl decided that she would be very, very brave and start her own blog. So the blogger sat on the phone at midnight, while the girl set up her own blog. Then she was available for the girl's constant questions about Blogger, Haloscan, and Blogrolling and HTML and all things blog related.

Now, TODAY is the first Blogiversary of my very best Blog Friend, Christine of Mommy Matters. She is such an amazing writer. She has had a rough year and has shared it with us with style and grace. Of course most of you know this because you are here because of her! So head over there and wish her a happy blogiversary. And if you haven't ever been there, dig into her archives because there is so much wonderful stuff there you will not want to leave.

Christine, Happy One Year!! I hope and pray that there are many, many more to come. Thanks for pulling me through one of the toughest, craziest years of my life. You will forever be my Fairy Blogmother!

PS It is also the Blogiversary of another of my good friends, Ammie, better known as Sleeping Mommy, who is responsible for the rest of you being here! Tiptoe over to her new site and help her celebrate as well. But be quiet, she's had a rough week and needs her sleep!

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