Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How's YOUR morning??

So, last night I was so proud of my self for having it so together. We went shoe shopping yesterday, because SugarPlum has no church shoes and no school shoes other than her sneakers and Tevas. Actually, that is a fun story & I will tell it later. Anyway, I remember that today was school picture day, so SP picked out what she wanted to wear for her picture and it was very cute, indeed. (This was a relief, because until recently she has shown no interest or talent in picking out what she wears.) Anyway, it was a wine colored peasant-type top and these really great embroidered jeans. Very boho chic. (except for the sneakers, but it's PE day)

This morning, she came in to snuggle me after her alarm went off and took it as a good sign that her favorite song was playing when as she woke up. Then, she went downstairs without argument so that she could eat breakfast and still have plenty of time to get ready for school pictures.

SugarDaddy came up at about 7:00 to wake me for the morning (yes, he gets up with the kidlets and fixes them breakfast so that I can sleep in a little. I married well.). He told me that by some miracle, SP was already dressed and had eaten breakfast and it wasn't even 7:15. Feeling very smug and self-satisfied, I went downstairs to fix her hair for the pictures. I should have stayed in bed.

The actual fixing of the hair went well. Which is a miracle in itself, because at least three days a week, the fixing of the hair results in tears from one or both of us.

But then, "Mommy, did you fix my lunch?" Oh, crap! Today is the dreaded "Travelling Taco!" (don't even ask, you don't want to know).

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry, I forgot. Do you want me to fix something real quick for you?"

"No, that's okay, Mommy. I can just get PB&J."

Great, now I am going to pay a buck seventy-five for PB&J. ::sigh::

"You look so pretty today. You picture is going to be so good!"

Sudden thought: Oh, man! I never sent the picture form. Where is that thing? Here on the desk right??? Son of a bitch! What did I do with that??

"SugarPlum. Do you remember where we put that order form?"

"No, Momm...Oh no! I won't get my picture taken! Then I won't be in the yearbook! And I will be the only one!!"

"No, it's okay, go on to school, it's getting late. I will have Daddy bring it when he goes to work in a few minutes. And, if we can't find it, he can get a new one in the office. It will be fine. I promise."

Get her out the door, look for another minute for picture form, give up, find SD.

"Hey, honey....could you stop by SP's school and fill out another picture form and pay for them? Pick the most basic package & either the gray or blue background." (trying to give him more control, I've had issues with that lately)

"Which do you want? Gray or blue?"

"Oh, whichever. (gray...gray...pick gray, please) You decide which would look better. (seriously, gray is the best choice, you know that don't you??)"

SD gets out the door and heads to school. A few moments later, the phone rings. How hard is this? Gray or blue and pay for it!! "Hello?"

"Got the package. School pictures are tomorrow."

**of course they are**

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