Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Name That Bug **updated**

Can anyone tell me what the hell kind of bug this is? The kids found it out on one of our trees tonight. And yes, it was laying eggs, so we may have a whole bunch more of those little buggers in the future.

Freaked the SugarBabies out a bit. Can you blame them? Look at the spiky ridge on its back. And the pointy thing in front. Like some sort of Chernobyl bug. Once we assured them that it wasn't going to hurt them, they were fascinated. It's like living on freakin' Animal Planet around here sometimes.


And our winner is...T! From Joyful Mayhem!! She went above and beyond and found this website that told us all about the Wheel Bug, one bad-ass (but beneficial insect)! No, we did NOT squish it, contrary to my first instinct. I'm kinda glad, too, because, evidently, it kills even bigger bugs. You'll have to read the article about it to get the full effect. The SugarBabies are all protective about the eggs now. It's pretty funny. I think I should get cool mom points not only for resisting the urge to whack it, but also for taking pictures.

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