Thursday, October 06, 2005

My son, he is a Republican

SugarBug has discovered, after four skillion viewings of "Here Come the ABCs" by They Might Be Giants, that he likes letters. He only knows a few, but he is crazy for one.

"Look Mommy dere's a dubba-you!"

"Oh!! A dubba-you!"

"Dat's a dubba-you, Mommy?"

Yes we are all W all the time around here. Actually he likes the letter M as well, but only because it is an upside down W.

He carries the magnetic W from the fridge around with him all day like Linus and his blanket. He sees it all over town. He gets very excited near WalMart.

Do you realize (kindergarten teacher coming out here) that W is a difficult letter to "get" phonetically, because nowhere in its name does it say its sound? Trust me, it's true. Right, Karen? So I'm guessing that right now, he just likes the look of it.

But hey, who am I to stifle his budding phonemic awareness and pre-literacy skills??

Seriously though. Do you think I should tell the President? Might help us in the upcoming assignment cycle. Who knows. Couldn't hurt, right?

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