Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Thoughts

*I am loving the new Taco Bell commercials. The ones with the lions? Love them. "How are my teeth?" "Great. Scary!" Cracks. Me. Up!

*Dakota Fanning is on Leno. She has to be one of my favorite kid actresses. She totally reminds me of The Princess. I really hope that she doesn't go all Lindsay Lohan on us in a few years. That would break my heart.

*Why is it that the same kids who make you want to rip your ovaries out so that you can't make THAT mistake again, can make you weep just by saying, "I yove you, Mommy."

*Tom & Katie are buying a house in Toledo. Toledo? That's a little too close for me. But, really. Toledo??

*Wonder if Genuine won the PowerBall. I never bought a ticket this time. Dang, that's a lot of money.

*Saddam Hussein is on trial. They need Judge Judy. She'd kick his ass.

*Is it just me, or have Blogger word verifications gotten seriously out of hand?

*I try to like Conan O"Brian. I really do. But most of the time he just drives me nuts.

*Why won't I just go to bed?? This is insane. Good night.

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