Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is it warm in here or is it just me?

As I type this, I have a fever of 101.1. Interestingly enough, this has nothing to do with my post. Just thought I'd whine a little. Wah.

Sunday was a little hectic in Candyland. Well, actually that is not entirely true. We decided Saturday night that since everyone in the house was dead tired, we would not go to church. Bug has been getting up between 5:15 and 5:45 since the time change. And then he didn't have a nap Saturday. Bear has been on the verge of a cold for days and didn't go to sleep until nearly 10:00. SugarPlum actually asked if I would just let her sleep in Sunday and that girl never wants to skip church. So, we decided it was best to have what a friend of mine calls "a bedside service" on Sunday.

Bug was the first one up at about 7:30. I know this because SD told me. I never heard him. SugarDaddy had a big test on Monday and was needing to study, so he finally came in and got me up at about 8:45. SugarPlum actually slept until 9:30. We hung out in our PJs all morning. It was nice. I got the boys (and me!) down for naps at a reasonable time.

After naps, SD tells me that a guy from class is coming over to study. This throws a kink in things because SugarPlum has church choir at 5:00 and she can't miss it. If I take her, then dinner gets messed up. We try to always eat by 6:00. We decide that I will take her & run to Meijer to pick up something to go with the roast I have in the fridge for dinner. I had planned to take the boys with me, but they chose to stay home & watch a movie and promised be good so that Daddy could study. SCORE!! I got to shop all by myself. That never happens.

So on my way back to the church from Meijer, I call SD to tell him that I didn't get any potatoes for dinner, could he start some rice? No problem. A few minutes later he calls back to 1) ask if I wanted him to make new rice or warm up the leftovers and 2) tell me "Oh, by the way, the freezer in the garage must have gotten unplugged at some point because pretty much everything in there is thawed." CRAP!

Mental scan of what was in the freezer.....spaghetti sauce.....waffles....eight, yes 8, frozen pizzas of varying size and type. Now what's for dinner? PIZZA! It's a pizza extravaganza! I get home and there is pizza in the oven, pizza in the microwave, and pizza waiting to be cooked. Thing is, unfrozen frozen pizza doesn't take as long to cook as frozen frozen pizza. So we had some interesting experiences. Also? Frozen pizza crust that has thawed some and then set on the kitchen counter to finish thawing? Not quite so firm or able to hold its shape. Gloppy, goopy, gooey mess. In my oven. I wish I had taken pictures. Because no words can express how gross (yet funny!) it was. SD slid that last pizza (spinach, portobello mushroom, & garlic!) into the oven, only it didn't slide so much as droop. And stick. And slide. We slid an emergency cookie sheet beneath it, but by then it was all mashed and wadded up. Not appetizing at all. Personally, I do not recommend this method of pizza cookery.

Also? The milk I bought at Meijer? Had a hole in the jug somewhere. Milk everywhere. So while the unfrozen frozen pizzas are cooking, I am scrambling to find something that can hold (not quite) a gallon of milk. Who's cup needs refilling? Howzabout let's have a Colorado Bulldog to drink with our dinner, honey?! Yum. (Yes, the hangover is a fading memory) Sheesh. Like I need that much stress at dinnertime. Over pizza of all things.

So, we finally get all the kidlets to bed at a halfway decent time. I came downstairs, took one look at the kitchen- cookie sheets and oven racks and just the oven all coated in hardened, baked-on cheese- and got all Scarlett O'Hara about it: "I'll think about it tomorrow!"

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