Saturday, November 26, 2005


Okay this is a couple of days late. But give me a break, I had to cook Thanksgiving all day yesterday. And then last night we watched Madagascar. Actually, we are were (I have been working on this post all night, hard to believe, I understand) watching it again tonight. It is the hot new movie in Candyland. I may have to learn to post video just so that you can see and hear Bug sing & dance to "Moob It Moob It." Then, he will tell you that BabyFafe yikes it, too.

The snow is all gone now. We are actually supposed to be up into the 50's by Sunday. I may shave my legs. Nah, why go crazy?

THE POINT OF THIS POST??? To show you how much fun SD and the kids had in the snow on Wednesday. But now? I am too tired. Uploading those photos is such a pain in the butt. So, here is the link to the Flickr set. Trust me. Fun was had by all. Even me. Only you don't see me. 'Cause I was taking the pictures. And then making the hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Hot chocolate. That would be good before bed.

So....snow pictures---->Flickr! Go! See!

My hot water is boiling. 'Night y'all!

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