Thursday, November 17, 2005

Buffi's Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Thoughts from Buffi

1 . For those of you who commented on my not purchasing any Pampered Chef items, if you look, you will see it said "YET." Last night I gave my friend an order for...well, more than $50, because with an order over $50, you got a free bottle of their Double Strength Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. And I'm all about the free stuff. I also placed a Tastefully Simple order, although SD made up most of that order. The Garlic, Garlic was more than he could pass up, among other things.

2. It is cold and snowy here now. At 3:30 in the afternoon, it is 28 degrees. I am officially DONE with Ohio.

3. I went to try on bridesmaids dresses for my friend Elizabeth's wedding in April. I drove all the way over there yesterday morning and once I finally parked in front of the shop, I saw that they didn't open until NOON on Wednesdays. WTF?? So now I have to find another day that I am childless to go do this.

4. SugarPlum's teacher had such good things to say about her at our conference last week. She has straight A's. (Although, SP pointed out to me, it's an A- in math. Whatever.) Her only "problem," the teacher told us, was that sometimes she wants to teach the class. It's mostly because she gets so excited and interested in what the teacher is talking about that she comes home & gets on the computer to research what they are learning about. Then she goes back to school & shares what she finds out. Who DOES that? She is such a great kid. (Remind me of this next time I rant about her. On second thought, don't. It will just piss me off.)

5. I went to the doctor this afternoon. Doogie, who I saw in July, is no longer at this base. So, I saw another PA who was just a cool. My migraines have been getting worse as of late. To the point that I requested preventative medication. So I am starting on Topamax. I have heard differing opinions on this medication. Namely from Holli, who has had success with it and Angel, who hates it with a passion. At this point, I am willing give it a few weeks.

6. I also needed to discuss my crazy pills and how they don't seem to be helping as much. He said that maybe once I get the migraines under control, maybe my depression issues will be eased as well. He didn't want to change too much of the medication all at once. I'm inclined to agree.

7. Starting Topamax means that I must now stop nursing Bug. I'm sure that there is a collective "It's about damn time" out there since he is two and a half. But it is part of his bedtime routine and he is my last "baby" so I am having a really hard time coming to terms with it. But the migraines are making me be NOT a good mommy, so that is what settles it for me. I haven't been home the last two nights at bedtime, so tonight, I will have to be "creative" on the redirection. I've been doing the LLL "Don't offer but don't refuse" method. Not successful. When I say "Ready for bed?" he tells me, "No, Iona nuss." *sigh* Wish me luck.

8. I have decided to stop making Bear take naps. He was having trouble going to sleep at night. And given that he is four and a half, I suppose that it is time. However, this is cutting into my naptime, so I'm having mixed feelings.

9. Did you realize that Thanksgiving is in ONE WEEK?!?!?!

10. One week, I tell you! How did that happen? Wasn't Halloween the day before yesterday?

11. We had dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube Saturday after the museum. It was actually very good. I was surprised! The kids loved it. Pictures will be on Flickr soon, hopefully.

12. I have so many pictures that I need to upload onto Flickr. I am dreading it. Why will it only take fiveat a time? What is that about? I hate having to keep going back and do five more. It takes forever.

13. Dailee is still in the hospital and having fever. She is finally eating, mostly McDonald's chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, but hey, that's better than nothing. She is on her fourth antibiotic now. They can't seem to get a grip on what is wrong. She has had a transfusion and a bunch of other stuff. It's pretty scary. Please continue keep her in your prayers.

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