Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 - So far, so good

Happy New Year, y'all!

So far, 2006 has been going well. I have only been called upon to write the year once - on my tithe check at church this morning - but I got it right on the first try! I was very impressed with myself. I'm quite certain that I won't be so lucky the rest of the month. Actually, I do pretty well for most of January. For some reason, it's usually sometime about February that I get lazy and slip back into writing the old year. Fortunately for me, it is much easier to turn a five into a six than it was to turn a four into a five. (think about that for a minute if you need to)

So, did you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve?? We were actually invited to two parties this year. Aren't you jealous? We are sooooooooo popular. Whatever. Anyway, one was a family "pajama party" at a friend's house. That was the one I was more inclined to go to, but SD really didn't know anybody at that party and the people there were all about ten years younger than us. The other party was a sorta surprise 40th birthday party for a guy in SD's class. I say "sorta" surprise because he pretty much knew that his wife was having a birthday party for him and that it was a masquerade party, but he didn't know that all of their family would be there, so that was pretty cool. She sent him to Meijer in his court jester costume (tights & all!) while his family showed up. He was happy to see them.

SD & I were undecided until the last minute as to whether we were going or not. We didn't really have "costumes." Luckily most everybody was of the same mind, so a friend went to a costume shop and bought us masks. Black "Lone Ranger-"type masks for the guys and black & white feathered masks for the ladies. Of course, I had to wear mine over my glasses if I wished to see, so that added to the elegance. I wore a black evening gown and SD wore his tux. No, we totally forgot to take pictures, sorry,

I realized, though, that wearing the evening gown meant that I would have to shave my legs. Ugh. That meant removing the protective layer of fur that I have been growing for the really don't want to know how long. Let's just say on nights when there was nothing on TV, you could braid it. Anyway, now my legs are going to be cold again.

And? The evening gown dips very low in the back. so none of my (very small) bras were wearable with it and I was NOT venturing out for another edition of "Humiliations in the Lingerie Section" just to buy a backless bra. Those things are the instruments of the devil as it is. So...I tried the band aid trick. And, it was perfect. A little itchy, but better than the alternative.

Enough about my chest. How's your chest?

The kiddos stayed here with Gray Gray & Gram, perrenial NYE babysitters. Just before we left for the evening, they had popped popcorn and were picking a movie. The grandparents were excited to see that we had March of the Penguins. I tried to warn them about how boring it was, but they were determined that they wanted to see it.

When we got home later, I was validated by their "Holy cow! You weren't kidding!!" They stopped it about half an hour in and (Holli stop reading now) they put in Finding Nemo . Of course this means that the boys ended up staying up waaaaay past their bedtime. Fortunately, for once, this also meant that they slept in a little later. That never happens.

Today, we actually saw the sun for a few minutes. SD and Gray Gray took the kids to the park for a few minutes. It was only a few minutes though because although the sun was indeed shining, the temperature never got above 46 degrees and it was breezy. Everybody needed hot chocolate upon their return home. I don't need to hear about all of your warm weather, Karin, Angel, Erin, Ben, and anybody else down where the weather is beautiful and warm.

SO! Once again...Happy New Year to each and every one of you. Thank you for reading my little blog. I have had fun so far the past six months. I am looking forward to the next six months!

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