Monday, January 16, 2006

Hot & Bothered

So, I'm hosting a Pampered Chef show at my house Thursday evening. If you have been visiting here very long at all, you know that I struggle with housekeeping. I am not good at it at all. So, it was a difficult decision to go ahead and do anything in which I have to invite actual people inside my actual home. My addiction to all things Pampered Chef won out, however. It has been well over a year since my last show and I have been going through withdrawal.

My handsome hunk of a husband says to me earlier, the sexiest thing a man could ever say to me. Are you ready for this??

"What do you need for me to do to help you get ready for your party? What do you want me to clean first?"

Couldn't you just die happy right now??

I'll be back later. I think I need a cigarette.

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