Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Deep Thoughts from the SugarBear

Today at naptime, SugarBear looks into my eyes and asks me, "Mommy? Why did God make me?"

Uhhhhhhhh, well, (if I had the answer to this I might be rich).......

**Mommy reaches back into her Southern Baptist upbringing**

"To bring glory to Him, buddy. When people look at you, they say to themselves, 'Look at that beautiful, perfect SugarBear that God made. What an awesome God we have!' And, I think that God made you for me & Daddy to love."

He accepted this and then told me that "God and Jesus made me, Mommy. Yeah, God made my skin and Jesus made my bones." (bet you didn't know that!)

Whew! How do you handle questions like that?

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