Thursday, July 07, 2005

No words to express...

I am so overwhelmed I don't know what to say. I watched the news for a few minutes this morning, but had to turn it off because I really don't want to have to explain to my kids about how evil this world can be.

We were in England four years ago when the attacks here happened. I had no idea that anything had occurred until that afternoon when a neighbor came by to ask if my father-in-law had made it home. (He left that morning after a visit & ended up spending several days in Halifax, Nova Scotia before the airlines started getting people home again.) I was stunned, because we really only watch children's programming during the day. I sent SugarPlum outside and turned on Sky News. I was horrified. I called my husband at the base & when I finally got through, he said that there was nothing he could tell me, to watch CNN. The base was locked down & he didn't know when he would be home.

It was such a scary time. Hubby finally made it home that night, but the base was shut down for over a week. That may not be a big deal here in the states, but overseas, that meant no commissary (grocery store), no gas, no doctors' visits, nothing. We could go to the British stores for what we needed, but in my big American van I was an obvious target & the base was discouraging any unnecessary travel. We didn't know if or when or where the next attack would be. Life was never the same again.

My heart aches for the British people. I feel so angry at the evil arrogance that drove these attacks. It is obvious that the G8 conference was the reason for the attacks. These world leaders are getting together to discuss ways to ease the suffering of the world's poor and less fortunate. What kind of logic goes into disrupting this? I guess that's the point, isn't it?

My prayers and love go out to all touched by these senseless acts. God is good. The Bible says "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord" Romans 8:28. It may be difficult to see that now, but I have the faith that we will see some amazing things result from this. One of my favorite stories so far is that when the double-decker bus exploded, it was directly in front of the British Medical Association building. Immediately, there were dozens of doctors on the scene to help the victims. Don't tell me God wasn't there.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the Brits as well as with all of the troops and their families who are stationed overseas, especially in England. I know that they are terrified. And, Lord, please bless us all, each and every one.

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