Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sweet Nothings from the SugarBabies

We went to the pool today for a couple of hours. Everyone had fun "smimmin" as SugarBug says. The following lines were my favorite of the day...

#1 I noticed what I thought might be a rash on SugarBear's chest.

Me: SugarBear, come here. Are those red dots on your chest? Do you have a rash?

Bear: (pointing to nipple) No, Mommy. Those are just my milk things.

(I have been nursing for how long?)

#2 On the walk home, SugarPlum pointed a really neat looking blue butterfly.

"Mommy, nature is way better than TV. It's always on & you never know what you'll see!"

We must be doing something right around here.

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