Monday, July 11, 2005

Moving Mayhem

You may or may not know that my family recently moved. We are fortunate that the military pays for our moves & unless you choose to Do-It-Yourself (what the AF calls a 'ditty move"), they send movers to pack and ship everything to your next base. Only once in my married life have we had to move ourselves. That was when we decided to move out of base housing - affectionately called "the projects" - and buy a house off base. That was crazy. Boxes packed haphazardly, everything thrown in willy-nilly. It took forever to figure out where everything was. Not that the movers do it much better. After our last move, it took us nearly a year to find the lampshades. They were all packed with some random bathroom stuff. And after we finally got here, I found a whole box of shoes I hadn't seen since before we moved to England. It was like Christmas: "Oooooh! I remember these sandals. I love these. And that's what happened to those beige sling-backs..." SuperDaddy was laughing his butt off. in the
paper, Sharon Short has an article that I could relate to. I laughed for a long time. If you have a move coming any time soon, maybe you should take her advice. Read it here. I'm going to unpack a few more boxes...

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